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Dear Colleagues,

One potential consequences of Covid-19 is the use of theatres as mini ICUs with ATs used to staff them.  Members asked what the registration boards view of this might be, so we asked….

And their reply is as follows:

“If the situation arises during the current pandemic where Anaesthetic Technicians are required to monitor ventilated, intubated patients under the supervision or direction  of an anaesthetist, DHB’s must ensure that AT’s receive adequate training before providing the care, and continue to work under the supervision of an anaesthetist.   Undertaking duties in an emergency situation like the current pandemic would not mean they could continue to undertake these activities once the emergency is over. AT’s must use their professional judgement to assess the risks in delivering anaesthetic technology services informed by the values and principles set out in the Council’s Code of Ethics policy.”

So, assuming you are working under the supervision or at the direction of an anaesthetist, and assuming you feel you are competent with adequate training having been provided, then “yes”.

We will have to see if this scenario eventuates, however for now, hopefully the above advice gives some guidance on the “what if”.

Kia Kaha

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