2 metre distancing requirements are in place – the 1 metre if you are working in a hospital no longer applies. 
We should therefore:
  • Limit the number of people on site so everyone can safely stay 2 metres apart. 
  • If you work in a space where you can’t stay 2 metres apart contact your manager to arrange alternatives including working from home where you are able and flexible working arrangements such as staggered start times and meal breaks.
  • Clean and disinfect your workplace regularly and remember to wash your hands!
  • Wear a mask if in a room with others.

We are aware some members have faced resistance to working from home.  This appears to have a number of reasons behind it including employers simply not having sufficient appropriate IT resources to enable us to, through to a few who are still suffering the archaic view that “if I pay you, you will come to work and work (even if that means cleaning windows)”.

We are challenging these views with those employers and have raised concerns about the lack of increased IT resourcing especially given our experiences during the last nationwide lockdown.  If you continue to have problems without appropriate answers, contact your delegate who can call on the assistance of your advocates if they need.