Current National Office Holders

Stewart Smith

Interim National President

Dr Kevin Ellyett

National Vice President

Dr Deborah Powell

National Secretary

Pam Aitken

National Treasurer

Current National Executive

The National Executive comprises the National Office Holders (above) plus all Divisional Presidents.

Brenda Szabo

President, Dietitians

Roger Neilson

President, Biomedical Engineers

Shelley Myers

President, Audiologists

Mark Ashburner

President, Medical Physicists

Christopher Mitchell

President, Anaesthetic Techs

Rajeev Kumar

President, Clinical Physiologists

Janelle Frith

President, CSSD

Deborah Hynes

President, Dental Therapists

Bryan Raill

President, Medical Laboratory Workers

Sheena Hewitt

President, MRTs

Donna Rae Sheehan

President, Occupational Therapists

Nathan Ibbott

President, Perfusionists

Virginia Smith

President, Pharmacists

Nikki Laker

President, Physiotherapists

Annmaree Kingi

Interim President, Psychologists

Tania Ferguson

President, Radiation Therapists

Vanessa Galloway

President, Sonographers

Heather Campbell

President, Social Workers

APEX Staff

Denise Tairua


David Munro


Luke Coxon


Melissa Dobbyn


Samantha Mcleod


Abbey Trewavas

Associate Advocate

Omar Hamed


Lachlan Balfour

Associate Advocate

Bill Manning

Legal Counsel

Alex Sclater

Associate Advocate

Tony Hill


Nominations of Officers

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