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APEX is the specialist union for allied, scientific and technical employees in New Zealand

APEX performs all the functions you would expect of an organisation representing professional employees, including negotiating and enforcing Collective Employment Agreements, providing industrial employment advice and support, providing advocacy and individual support, disseminating information through our website, regular journals, and newsletters, supporting delegates one-on-one, providing regular training workshops, monitoring health policy and legislation,  representation to government on behalf of members, supporting health and safety representatives, and monitoring workplace health and safety, and providing access to professional indemnity insurance and medico-legal advice independent of your employer.

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What makes APEX unique is that each professional group is autonomous, taking direction and instruction from its own members. Your particular group’s needs do not get drowned in a larger multi-profession bargaining environment. You decide your own profession’s terms and conditions.

At the same time, being part of APEX gives you the security of a strong collective group with benefits like: more bargaining power; providing an effective, proactive voice for health professionals on the national stage and having a targeted media presence; protection from unfair treatment at work; protection in times of change, eg: restructuring, contracting out or redundancy situations.

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