Membership fees provide for the running of the union and the National Executive. This includes the audit costs as well as the costs associated with annual returns to the registration of unions as required by the Act. We have different fees for students and employees according to the following criteria.

Please Complete the Membership Form Below

Procedure for New and Returning Members to Join APEX

  1. Fill out an application form
    • The preferred method is through the online application below.
    • Hard copies of the form are also available to be downloaded from the same section of the website.
  1. An automatic email confirmation is sent out once the online form is completed containing payment instructions (as below).
  1. In order to become a full financial member subscription fee payment must be set up via one of the following options:
    • Monthly or Annual Direct Credit from their Bank Account: Our Account number is ASB 12 3016 0507643 00. Particulars: Last name. Code: First name. Reference: Membership number (when available).
    • Regular deduction by payroll: The member must instruct their payroll office that they have joined APEX and wish to have their fees deducted from their pay. The payroll office should have all our relevant details but if not ask them to email directly for assistance.
  1. Membership fees provide for the running of the union. We have different fees for students and employees according to the following criteria.
  2. Once the first payment is received a welcome pack confirming full financial membership will be posted to the new APEX member.

APEX Membership Rates

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Hours Worked Per week Year Month F/Night (Payroll Only)
More than 20hrs $501.60 $41.80 $19.29
20hrs or less $343.20 $28.60 $13.20
10hrs or less $184.80 $15.40 $7.10

APEX Student Membership Rates

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Annual wages Year Month F/Night (Payroll Only)
More than $35,500 $501.60 $41.80 $19.29
$25,001 – $35,000 $343.20 $28.60 $13.20
$10,000 – $25,000 $184.80 $15.40 $7.10
Less than $10,000 $22


    Full time (more than 20 hours)Part time (20 hours a week or less)StudentPart time(10 hours a week or less)

    More than $35,000$25,001 - $35,000$10,000 - $25,000Less than $10,000

    Auto payment from payrollDirect Credit MonthlyDirect Credit Annually


    *If you have chosen digital, please note that occasionally we may need to send printed confidential documents.

    Please click to download the following documents:

    Membership application form
    New to the workforce APEX

    Authority to Act

    Each member of the Union acknowledges that by payment of subscriptions to the Union:

    1. S/he irrevocably authorizes and appoints the Union to act as his/her sole and exclusive agent in all matters, dispute or issues relating to or connected with his/her employment or prospective employment, including, but not limited to, the negotiation, settlement, execution and enforcement of any individual or collective agreements, or part thereof relating to his/her employment.
    2. S/he will be bound without qualification by all or any of the terms of any individual or collective agreements or agreements which cover or concern his/her employment and are negotiated by the Union and are duly ratified.
    3. S/he will be bound by and shall comply with any procedure for the ratification of any settlement of negotiations relating to the terms and conditions of his/her employment to which the Union may agree pursuant to Clause 51, of the Employment Relations Act 2000.
    4. Such authority and appointment shall continue in force and effect unless his/her membership of the Union should terminate for any reason.