Who are Psychotherapists?

Psychotherapists are registered with the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand and work in mental and physical health settings in DHBs. Some common places to find psychotherapists are child and adolescent mental health services, consult-liaison teams, and specialist services.

Psychotherapy can be defined as the treatment of mental and emotional disorders by trained psychotherapists using psychological methods. The Royal College of Psychiatrists describes psychotherapy as “… helping people overcome stress, emotional problems, relationship problems or troublesome habits … they are all treatments based on talking to another person …“

Staff are trained in and deliver a range of treatment models including psychodynamic (brief and long term), DBT, mentalisation, family therapies, CBT, infant mental health specialist work, child play based psychotherapies, group psychotherapy, psychodrama, EMDR,  and ACT.

What psychotherapy can offer in the DHB setting:

  • It can help to address the issues underlying the pain and distress that present as psychiatric disorders.
  • In many cases it can offer a definitive resolution or effective cure as opposed to the biomedical approach which is about symptom mitigation, and requires medication
  • It can augment biomedical approaches for SPMI (Severe Persistent Mental Illness) and improve medication adherence, reduce re-hospitalization and suicide
  • Enabling patients to have a higher quality of life, to have relationships and to engage in meaningful work
  • It is the most effective evidence-based tool for managing the impact of childhood abuse and neglect on adults which can result in a myriad of psychiatric disorders, personality disorders and somatoform disorders/symptoms.
  • DBT as the evidence based approach for reducing self-harm, suicide attempts and re-hospitalization in patients with BPD


Psychotherapists - Delegates:

Name Location Employer
Mary Cubitt Auckland Waitemata
Wendy Nalden Auckland Auckland

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