More than 100,000 health workers will have their holiday pay calculations reviewed going back to 2010 with an undertaking that any shortfall will be refunded. Since December 2016 the 20 DHBs  and NZ Blood Service, the Health Unions and the Labour Inspectorate have been working together and developed a national Holidays Act audit process that has been signed -off by all parties. All DHBs have now started this process.


Review (3 months): The DHBs will follow the framework document and conduct an end-to-end system review in line with the baseline to validate and review key payroll issues relating to compliance with the Holidays Act.

Rectification (9 months): Correct non-compliance processes and payroll system(s) identified in the review phase.

Remediation (6 months): Calculate arrears owed to current and former employees from 1st May 2010 and remediate.



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