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About Us

What is APEX

APEX stands for Association of Professional and Executive Employees and is a union registered under the Employment Relations Act 2000. We applied for registration on October 3rd and we duly and correctly registered on October 10 2000. APEX forms an umbrella under which divisions sit. Each division is autonomous, taking direction and instruction from its membership.


There will be no change to the manner in which Contract Negotiation Services (CNS), provides administrative and advisory services to the association. Essentially it meets all the service requirements of the association and this will ensure continuity of advocacy services that you currently receive unless you and other members of your division determine otherwise.


Authority To Act

Being a member of APEX constitutes an ‘authority for APEX to act’ as your representative in all matters relating to your terms and conditions of employment.


Negotiation Procedure

The negotiating team is empowered by the ‘authority to act’ to negotiate your agreement to the point of settlement. It is then put to the members covered by the agreement and ratified on the basis of a 50% + 1 majority.

Current National Office Holders


Current National Executive

The National Executive comprises the National Office Holders (above) plus all Divisional Presidents.