MITs (Radiographers) Reject Punitive Offer

DHB employed Radiographers reject offer that was put to them in settlement of their national collective agreement and will be taking further strike action this week. The DHBs’ revised offer made some small concessions in areas of concern to the MITs, but it also included a massive reduction in backpay compared to all of the DHBs’ previous offers to the MITs.

Dr Deborah Powell, National Secretary of APEX, says that the DHBs’ latest offer was a case of the DHBs “effectively seeking to punish the MITs for the DHBs’ own inefficiencies in bargaining”.

“Until now, the DHBs’ saving grace was that they assured us there would be full backdating to February of any increases to pay. They have now reneged on that commitment and have only offered a $1600 lump sum which, for many if not most MITs, is worth thousands less than the full value of backpay.”

“Bargaining has dragged on for over 10 months due to the DHBs’ incredibly frustrating and inefficient approach. They have taken multiple adjournments, including one for 14 weeks, and continue to meet with us unable to reach any agreement without adjourning for further weeks of consultation.”

“Unfortunately, the MITs have received the removal of backpay as a fundamental betrayal by their employers. This is the main reason, though not the only reason, why their offer was soundly rejected.”

APEX has invited the DHBs back to the bargaining table this week to try and find a solution to the bargaining.

MITs are essential to radiology services, assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of patients using general x-rays, CT, MRI, mammography, angiography and nuclear medicine.
Negotiations for the MIT national MECA have now been ongoing for over 10 months.


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