Inability to Return to Bargaining to Settle MITs MECA Sees DHBs’ Calling for Facilitation

The 20 District Health Boards have filed in the Employment Relations Authority for facilitation, and rejected APEX’s calls for further bargaining to settle the Medical Imaging Technologists (MITs) MECA.

APEX invited the DHBs back to bargaining to secure a workable deal for the MITs MECA, an invitation which has been rejected by the DHBs. DHBs spokesperson Nigel Trainor describes the bargaining as at “an impasse”.

“The only impasse in this situation lies in the DHBs’ refusal to genuinely bargain with us,” says National Secretary of APEX, Dr Deborah Powell.  “Although the DHBs have made this bargaining drag on for months with adjournments of their making of up to 14 weeks, we have been inching closer to a deal. Unfortunately, the DHBs appear to now be outright refusing to constructively bargain with us.”

Asked about the DHBs’ claim that their latest offer represents ‘the best the DHBs can make’, Dr Powell responded-

“That is nonsense. Their latest offer represents a punitively withdrawal of back-pay: a betrayal of a promise made in bargaining and as a result a worse offer than previously.  This is unacceptable to the MITs who will not accept being disadvantaged by the employers’ own failure to bargain effectively and efficiently.”

APEX and the MITs believe that the DHBs offer is punitive. Yesterday’s press release explained why the MITs have chosen to reject the DHBs offer.

MITs are essential to radiology services, assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of patients using general x-rays, CT, MRI, mammography, angiography and nuclear medicine.

Negotiations for the MIT national MECA have now been ongoing for over 10 months.


Dr Deborah Powell is available for comment.

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